[job] Wild Tame (https://wildtame.co.jp) is a boutique video production house and creative agency based in central Tokyo. Our video crew/design team has grown from two to 13 over the past 2 years as we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, with many Japanese corporations finally signing up for professional support with their international PR/communications to help them become truly 'global'.

We are continuing to grow, building our team of talented creatives, with a start-up mindset. Our founding philosophy positions the company as a vehicle for the individuals that make up our creative team to learn, grow and explore their passions, providing one another with inspiration and encouragement - which naturally results in project outcomes that delight our clients (large Japanese/international corporations).

Our relative success now allows us to start to put resources into our own experimental projects to further our creativity. We do not market ourselves, but since our establishment in 2011 have enjoyed growth through personal recommendations and introductions.

We are continuing to grow our team, and are now looking for that very-hard-to-find special someone who is looking for an opportunity to play a significant role in the next phases of our growth, That person is a bilingual (JA and EN) project manager, interested in a full-time position of responsibility alongside the founders. They have a strong background in the creative field, experience in a creative agency in Japan and a deep understanding of Japanese business practices. At the same time, they understand what the global market demands, and have experience of marrying these at times conflicting needs,

This kind of person is very hard to find. We imagine them as being someone who works in a large agency in Japan, but is perhaps tired of the bureaucracy or restricted creative 'freedom' that comes with that role. It is someone who is fired up to build something new, to see what kind of impact they can make with their original ideas and passion.

If you know such a person, please do get in touch. We would love to meet them and explain more about what we do, and what we can offer. We're tremendously excited about the impact that an empowered team of creatives can make, and we have this opportunity and the resources to make that happen.