Thanks to everyone who came to Artist Talks at Good Heavens on Monday.

Roger Barnard shared a number of his paintings with us, from works informed by natural or quarried landscapes to all over compositions and abstract geometric works.

Cho Hui-Chin showed us the work she produced at the Slade School of Art and what she has been working on while on residency in Japan. Chin also talked about what it means to include the grotesque in her artworks.

Designer and author Ian Lynam introduced Advanced Thing Theory by sharing his publication 'The Thing' with us and explained why Nicholas Cage is advanced and how his own approach to writing shapes the articles he writes.

Photographic artist Eirin Torgersen gave us an introduction to her practice by sharing her portfolio with us, from photos with etched imagery of mythical creatures to her recent project exploring the Japanese idea of Ma (間).

Thank you also to Emily McDowell from AIR 3331 for helping us with this event. For those interested in seeing Chin's work first hand, the artist is exhibiting at アーツ千代田 3331 at the end of July.