Andrew Joyce
3 July 2019

Hi All,

I'm just reaching out for a potential illustration project. It still early days but wanted to see what was possible if people are available before I started.

Basically, I've been asked to create 15 illustrations and the client would like them to be vector files.
I work with PSD/ PDF files so I'm just seeing if there is someone who could draw up my illustrations in illustrator.

As I mentioned, the project is still in the early stages (I had an initial meeting yesterday) so no fee has been discussed yet but I just wanted to see if anyone has this skill or would be interested whilst the negotiations as still on-going.


Please feel free to email directly at: andrewjoyce@doodlesandstuff.com


Andrew Joyce
30 July 2019

Hi All,

Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately the project didn't go ahead as their contract required them full ownership of the images (without the appropriate budget)
I'll certainly need someone to create vector work in the future though so I'll make sure to post more here.

Thanks again!

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