Thanks very much to everyone who came along to Artist Talks: Spring Edition at Good Heavens on Monday night. A big thanks to Yone of Consult_culture for snapping so many photos and to Emily McDowell for helping us to organise the event, but thanks especially to the artists for sharing their work this way.

Sofia Saleme shared her drawings and performances that centre around impermanence and funeral traditions, BloodBros. creates illustrations and animated gifs that mash pop culture with Baroque art among other elements, Alison Carpenter-Hughes produces intimate portraits using cotton thread and a sewing machine in a method she calls free motion embroidery, and Suzanne Mooney captures solitary or hidden figures in natural and urban environments with digital photography.

If you are free on 17th and 18th May, Sofia and Alison are exhibiting at AIR 3331.

And the summer edition of Artist Talks will take place on Monday 8th July. Hope to see you there!