ToCo (Tokyo Collective) is excited to announce the theme and submission information for the next ToCo anthology! (日本語は下にあります♫)

Title: “himitsu”
Theme: Secrets of Tokyo
Projected Release: November, 2019

This time we are inviting artists, illustrators, writers, and beyond to submit their visual stories of “Secrets of/in/about Tokyo.” Fiction, non-fiction, literal, exaggerated — the style and content are absolutely unbound as long as your story relates to this thematic topic.

Submission Rules and Deadlines:

Submission Contents:
Artwork File
* One work of Sequential Artwork following the theme “himitsu” that includes the concepts of “secret” and “Tokyo”
* 2 pages, 4 pages, or 6 pages (1 ~3 spreads)
* Black-and-White
* A5-size (submit as a PDF at 600dpi)
*Page Orientation: Landscape, Reading Direction: Left-to-Right
Separate from Artwork File:
* Artist Profile (50 words or less) along with a photo/illustration representing yourself
* Artist Statement describing your submitted work or inspiration (50 words or less)
* Submission is free but there is a participation fee of ¥3000 for artists whose work has been selected. Fee secures 5 copies of the printed anthology

Submit via e-mail to from Jun 25 ~ Aug 25 2019

Mar ~ Jun - Open Call for Artists to submit works for inclusion in ToCo “himitsu” Anthology
ToCo will be holding an open call for this edition inviting any and all to submit artwork for consideration.

Jun 25 - Start of Submission Window
Works may be submitted starting at this time.

Aug 25 - Submission Deadline
All final works to be considered for inclusion must be submitted by this date

Sep 8 - Selected Works Announced
Works that have been selected to be included in “himitsu” will be announced

Sep 8 ~15 - Payment Window for Participation Fee for Selected Artists

Nov Printing and Distribution of “himitsu”

Nov/Dec Exhibition and Public Reception for Release of “himitsu”
Dates, times and locations to be announced later

We are looking forward to seeing your submissions! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to us at
Also, follow ToCo on facebook for infor, events and opportunities:

ToCo(東京コレクティブ)2019 ART STORIES 年公募




今回は「東京の秘密」をテーマにしたビジュアルストーリーを集めて本を作ります。「秘密」と「東京」のテーマに関わっていれば、内容やスタイルは自由です! みなさんのご参加をぜひご検討ください。


* 2ページ、4ページ、もしくは6ページ(1〜3 見開き)
* A5サイズ(600dpiでPDFとして送信)
*ページの向き:縦 読書方向:左から右

2019年6月25日から8月25日までに、tocotokyo @ gmail.comに電子メールで送信してください。

3月〜6月 - ToCo“ himitsu”に参加するアーティスト募集

6月25日 - 作品募集開始

8月25日 - 提出締め切り

9月8日 - 入選作品発表

9月8日〜15日 - 入選アーティスト参加料支払い期間

11月/ 12月「himitsu」公開展示会・リリースパーティー

ご質問などありましたら、どうぞ でご連絡ください。