Tokyo Developers! Humble Bunny is looking for a mid-career front-end web developer to help us build amazing marketing presences--the kind that win awards and achieve growth. We're looking for someone with a bit on entreprenurial passion as well. Unlimited vacation, 35-hour work weeks, visa sponsorship, and flex scheduling are all part of the offer.

Languages most likely to be HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript. We've got a few products in React, manage a server or two, and are intending to build a platform in the future for our "Elevate" product...i.e. there's room to dabble in engineering as well if someone's keen to do that.

Bonus points for e-commerce, Japanese language skills, and team management/performance experience.

More details here:

To inquire, please send your CV, links to work, git repository if you have one, and any questions.

P.S. we're also happy to pay a finder's fee for recommendations so please share!