Thanks very much to everyone who came along to Artist Talks: Winter Edition at Good Heavens British Bar Tokyo on Monday night. What a great turnout!

We heard about Koubou Deanna's woven artworks and macrophotography, Kristoffer Raasted and Ragnhild May's performances and soundworks, Utako Shindo's material and video installations, and Sam Stocker's structures and situations.

Kristoffer and Ragnhild are participating in an open studio exhibition this Friday at AIR 3331, and Deanna is participating and organising 'In the Details' with Lori Ono and Art Byte Critique Group. Running from Tuesday 29th January to Sunday 3rd February, the opening reception takes place on Friday 1st February. Come along if you can:

Hope to see you at the Spring Edition of Artists Talks in April!