Hi All,

As mentioned at the last meetup, this months event will be a little different.
Two co-founders of design studio AID-DCC (https://www.aid-dcc.com/en/) have offered to give a little presentation about finding work as an illustrator and how to promote yourself in Japan. They've also offered to give some 1-to-1 time with each attendee to answer any specific questions.
I've been assured that they are well experienced with working with illustrators and various clients in and around Japan so I hope we'll be able to get some useful info!

Unfortunately, due to the time restrictions of the 1-to-1, I'll have to restrict attendance to 10 people this time and also charge a fee (2000JPY)
It's not ideal but I hope people understand as people are giving up their free time to come and give us advice and create a presentation then it might be unfair to ask them to do it for free.

There will also be a chance to go out for food and drinks afterwards if anyone wished to chat to them in a slightly more relaxed/ social atmosphere.

I'm posting the details here first as on Oct 16th I will create an event page with a link where people can reserve their place. Thought it best to give a weeks notice here so its fair to people that might not check this website everyday etc.

Anyways, hope this kind if thing is useful to you guys. Feel free to email me if you have any questions (andrewjoyce@doodlesandstuff.com)