Hi everyone!

I recently started working together with a small healthcare/medical-related startup called Activaid (http://activaid.me). Without going into too much detail here, we're working on building a community for people to engage with others who have similar illnesses, and allow them to contribute to medical advancement.

We're very early stage, and currently doing interviews to help us understand our potential users, and determine what our MVP will include. The goal is to launch our MVP within the next several weeks, start getting feedback, iterate, build up a small community of engaged users and eventually go for more funding (we have enough funding to get us past MVP launch stage).

Together with the team, I'm responsible for determining what our MVP looks like, and designing the UX and UI of this MVP. We have two engineers involved, but neither are able to commit, so we're looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to get involved ASAP, to learn about the product and vision and help build the MVP, and then eventually join in a full-time CTO-type role.


Working style: completely flexible, but should be based in Tokyo for regular face-to-face meetings and working sessions.
Experience: building and launching products, and perhaps leading teams. Someone proactive and motivated. Since the team is small, there won't be anyone to hold your hand.
Japanese: Not necessary to be fully fluent, but a decent conversational level is necessary.
Start: As soon as possible! :-) Do not need to commit full-time immediately, but be open to an eventual commitment (later in the year).

Any interest please let me know!