Hello people from Canvas! =)
I'm a designer and recently I'm working with Haguruma, a very cool printing company from Japan, helping them to find creatives to create some illustrations for their use. Some of them already came from this community.

And recently they started using some of the illustrations to create message cards sets that are distributed for free at the showrooms in Tokyo and Osaka! Every month new designs form a different illustrator are in the cards. If anyone wants to know more about Haguruma printing process and grab some message cards for free stop by the showroom in Omotesando.

Every month they are also giving two business card packs printed by letterpress for those who post the best photo shot using the message cards on Instagram. Since the adherence of the Japanese followers are low, I decided to share it here. It's a good chance to get some cool letterpress business card for free. =)

You can also download and print the files available on their website =D
Post under the hashtag #haguruma to participate.

And if you have questions about printing process or want to share your portfolio, please drop me a line.