Woodworking space wanted

Matt Shewchuk
Product Designer
8 November 2017

Hello, I'm getting kicked out my current workspace at the beginning of December. So I'm looking for a long-term rental space to use woodworking equipment (bandsaw, lathe, drill planer, etc.) for making furniture and other wooden items in or around Tokyo. Need to have at least 100v power, 200v would be a bonus. Also open to sharing space with one or a few other woodworkers. If you know of a place for rent or are interested in joining please let me know.

Mark McFarlane
8 November 2017

Hey Matt, I wonder if Francisco Martinez Satoru Kinoshita or Rj Mundt might have some tips or connections?

RJ Mundt
Art Director
9 November 2017

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the notice, Mark. My connection is Kinoshita-san. Not sure how big an operation you've got or want but I may have another friend with space. Shoot me an email at ryan@rjmundt.com

Francisco Martinez
10 November 2017

Hey guys,
Matt, sorry I don't know of anybody renting a space in Tokyo. But, if you looking for long-term rental or maybe buying, the countryside has plenty of old houses out of use that might be available (need repair). The story of my house and workshop.
- For instance, our ballooning team is about to start renovation work for a club house and warehouse by the lake in a 800m2 property with 4 buildings and the anual rent is ¥70,000!

I hope we can meet one day and share experiences, have a great day!

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