Canvas Tokyo Musician's Meetup #2

Paul Cohen
30 August 2017

Hey! We're organizing another music meetup.

Details here:

Some suggested topics for this meetup that are topical and might be of interest include:
. Spatial Audio/Music for VR, AR, and Mixed Reality
. AI in Music production, performance, and business
. Interactive music

Got any other issues or music subjects you want to bounce around?
Add them in the comments!

See you there.

Paul Cohen
5 September 2017

Found a great series of videos on mixing, with an emphasis on art first:
10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes (Part 1 of 5)

Paul Cohen
11 September 2017

A couple of links interesting music related links:
DOOM: Behind the Music

How Machine Learning in Neutron Elements Track Assistant Helps Make Mixing Creative

Spatial Music Visualizer

Mark McFarlane
11 September 2017

Arvo Part on Apple Music -

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