Humble Bunny is a web design/development and digital marketing studio with client experience including Coca Cola East Japan, Hilton, Bose, SKII and more. We're looking for a passionate and devoted developer to join our small internal team and help grow the company. The ideal candidate would have experience in full stack web development, a can-do attitude, and be as equally interested in building the business as the development work itself. This is a partner-level position so is reserved for individuals in it for more than just a "couple years" (presuming the glove fits) and have a desire to be a catalyst for growth. Main task would be web development (front and back), but as a partner-level proposition, you'd also be a crucial element to internal and client project planning, the company direction, and other initiatives, thus have plenty of opportunity to pave your own developmental and/or business role as it fits into marketing and the success of our Clients.

If you are interested in being more than a cog in the machine, and want credit for helping build one of Tokyo's top web studios, message me. Let's chat about it. Introductions also VERY welcome if you have a friend or peer who may be interested. よろしく!