Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite you all to a one night event that I've been working over the past few weeks.

There will be food and drink, live art performances and a DJ. You can participate and join in on the artmaking fun by drawing, painting and even felting with us, in fact we encourage you to be apart of the artwork we create while you interact, nibble, sip and peruse around the art, artists and artworks of the night.

DATE: Saturday May 28th
TIME: 6-10pm
VENUE: 1-30-10 Aobadai 3F, Meguroku,Tokyo
ENTRY: ¥1500 (1drink)

ARTISTS: Ami Ichikawa / Chiyun Yeh / Jesse Hogan


The idea around this event is to promote up and coming artists, in a more spontaneous manner away from the gallery type of atmosphere, and to promote more of a grass roots community within the Tokyo art world.

The name ad-lib comes from the idea of spontaneity and improvising, what we hope to provide a lot of on the night!!

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