I wasn't going to post here, but Mark Mcfarlane assured me like I wouldn't look like that creep that stalks you from across the room and slams you with his meishi and an over eager handshake.

I'm a designer by trade, more towards UX, and am looking for a UI designer to get involved and help our products look as beautiful as sites like Canvas :)

We've done pretty well so far, with our apps getting featured by Apple, and featured in other publications; but I know we could be taking things to the next level with more attention to detail.

If you want to stay fresh, working on a few different "Simple Solutions for Small Problems" and working within a startup that was founded by a designer, hopefully, you'll take the time to learn more: 96problems.com/join-the-team

p.s. If you're curious what it's like working with our team in this kind of role you ask me! But I'm sure Rui Stalph might share her experience from when we collaborated too :)