I ll invite you guys to come at the opening on 18 March (this Friday)
at: 〒151-0064 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Uehara, 2 Chome−30−5

Missing Games Project, a past that doesn’t exist.
Focusing on the ‘missing’ Olympic games in 1940, the project aims to explore the ideas of ‘Japaneseness' and a loss of its Japanese identity, through the eyes of an outsider.

---- And for this exhibition, I will also arrange a Death Railway series with the intent of better understanding, clarifying the importance of The Missing Games. The Death Railway is just one of the many examples, of Japanese war atrocities needing to be exposed to see a wider perspective of its cultural choices.

If you wish to know more please visit my 'creation',
or my facebook page
and website : www.missingamesproject.com

hope to see you there ...
Cody Ellingham ... Ian Lynam and all of you!