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Please note that Canvas is currently a Tokyo-only platform. We are considering launching Canvas in other cities around the world, so if you don't live in Tokyo but would like to see Canvas in your city, please request Canvas in your city.

Creating a strong, no-spam local community is really important to us, and so Canvas is invite-only. The fastest way to receive an invite is to ask a friend who is already on Canvas to invite you (they may need to ask us to give them invites).

If you don’t know anyone already on the site, you can request an invite below. Please note that invites requested may take some time to be sent to you.

Also if you'd like to learn more about Canvas, please check out our FAQ.

Please complete each statement, and feel free to add any other messages, questions etc for our team! Please note that we do not judge the quality of your work, we only use the information you provide to check that you create something (or are involved in the creative process somehow) and are based in Tokyo.