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Yoneko Shiraishi

I'm a writer in Tokyo, Japan

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I have discovered writing is addictive, I have decided to abandon myself to its power. I also draw. I have a blog, and I draw all the illustrations for my books and posts.

My Creations

  1. This is my very first published book :)

  2. Amabie

    8 June

    Amabie, a magical being, perhaps an angel sent by the heavens, to bring humankind hope.

  3. Stingy

    19 December 2017

    Could the grandson of one of the capital sins make friends?
    Will the most popular angel in heaven "Dreamly" even say hello to him? Stingy is a little bit cheeky, well, maybe more than cheeky.

  4. This is based on the Latinoamerican legends, I grew up listening to in class. I'd listen to them and thinking the ending was not quite fair. So, I decided to created my own stories, because I can't bear sad endings.

  5. George Floyd

    8 June

    I wrote a post about George Floyd and the movement BLM, you can read it here

  6. Eye

    8 June

    I love drawing in different styles.

  7. Crying baby

    8 June

    I love drawing in different styles.