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Yoneko Shiraishi

I'm a writer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Spanish

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About me

I have just published my first book "Positive thinking to learn English", which in Japanese will translate as "英語を習うのためのプラス思考".
And as I have discovered writing is addictive, I have just decide to abandon myself to its power.

My Creations

  1. This is my very first published book :)

  2. Stingy

    19 December 2017

    Could the grandson of one of the capital sins make friends?
    Will the most popular angel in heaven "Dreamly" even say hello to him? Stingy is a little bit cheeky, well, maybe more than cheeky.

  3. This is based on the Latinoamerican legends, I grew up listening to in class. I'd listen to them and thinking the ending was not quite fair. So, I decided to created my own stories, because I can't bear sad endings.