TRIGER fabien - Artist in Tokyo

TRIGER fabien

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and French

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I come from etching first which i studied in Paris, in a prominant studio La Taille Douce with Francoise BRICAUT, a student of S.W. HAYTER. I am fascinated by the light deep dark ink can bring to an artwork just by itself. Photomontage is a new way for me to improve my feelings especially for more contemporary matters or media. As a Frenchman living in Tokyo I am constantly stimulated by architectural clashes and Japanese urban shapes and colors. I am more and more exploring photomontage to juxtapose impressions and emotions I get from the Tokyo metropolis.

My Creations

  1. Pain.

    23 April 2018
  2. Stranger dark

    23 April 2018
    Stranger dark
  3. Insanity

    23 April 2018
  4. missing Jaune on Light path
  5. Building #6

    23 April 2018
    Building #6
  6. Building #5

    23 April 2018
    Building #5
  7. Building #3

    23 April 2018
    Building #3
  8. Tokyo Dizziness

    23 April 2018
    Tokyo Dizziness
  9. Lazy Schizophrenia, focus your mind.