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Ryo Homma

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

I'm an Audio Engineer and Sound Designer originally from Surabaya, Indonesia. I studied guitar performance and audio engineer/post production at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan but willing to work with people from any other countries. I'm also a Pro Tools Certified and multilingual of Indonesian, Japanese, English and Malay.

Now I'm focusing on game audio and audio post production, but since I have a musical background I would also love to work for musical projects.

I recorded debut EP of LA based metal band Forgotten Legion, mixed and mastered scores of film composer Lu Ling, assisted remastering session for Smokey and the Bandit Official Soundtrack and supervised sound for VR tower defense game Paws N' Claws VR (GDC & VRLA 2018 selection) as a member of Go-Ah! Games. I was also live bassist and vocalist of LA based melodic death metal band Nihility0.

My Creations

  1. Session Musician

    15 December 2018

    I'm available as a session musician. I play guitar and bass. My strengths are rock and metal. Here's the footage of me played bass and vocal for Southern California based one man melodic death metal band Nihility0.

  2. Forgotten Legion EP

    15 December 2018

    I recorded debut EP of Los Angeles based death/thrash metal band Forgotten Legion. It's my first non school project. I used API 1680, Pro Tools and various of microphones.

  3. Paws N' Claws VR

    15 December 2018

    I supervised sound for VR tower defense game with the master students of University of Southern California. First I decided to join this creation just because I couldn't got any music gig after I graduated college, but this made me got into interactive audio and game industry. I used Pro... continue reading (0, 0 images)