Praveen Liyanaarachchi - Game Developer in Tokyo

Praveen Liyanaarachchi

I'm a game developer in Osaka, Japan

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About me

From an early age, gaming has captured my attention. As a keen gamer, I always wanted to know how they were created. I am fascinated in how different games work, such as the animation and the code behind the game itself. I believe the reason why I am so interested in studying Games programming is, I enjoy problem solving and the prospect of seeing people using something that I have worked on is a thrilling prospect. I love the feeling a game gives to the player. My goal is to develop games that interesting to play and makes people smile.

I am particularly interested in the advancing technology of gaming, especially human computer interaction and artificial intelligence, and would love to study these in more detail. My knowledge of software engineering aspects and keen eye for detail when it comes to designing or coding gives me an advantage in staging shots to give the most powerful impact. However, I know that there is always ways to improve and I am constantly working and learning to further my craft.

My Creations

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