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Phoebe Amoroso

I'm a writer in Tokyo, Japan

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I came to Japan with the vague plan of shouting about it to the world! Although I have most experience in writing, I also work as a TV reporter and in documentary production and video production.

This is the story so far...

I spent six months at Reuters as a Video Journalist before joining a production company that makes TV shows with NHK. Whilst there, I assisted with documentary production, research, scripting and directing, in addition to working as a Markets Reporter for NHK World Newsline.

Currently, I am a Business Reporter for NHK World Biz Stream and I freelance in:
- writing about Japan, in particular, food, travel, culture, entrepreneurship & startups
- video content production
- voiceovers/narration/presenting
- food tours

My Creations

  1. My very first videography project - everything shot, directed, edited and produced by me!

    Code Chrysalis are a coding school in Tokyo that want to tell the stories of where their alumni come from and where they end up going. It was great working with Yuma, who returned to Japan... continue reading (0, 0 images)