Olga Gerasim - Product Designer in Tokyo

Olga Gerasim

I'm a product designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I am Olga, a designer living in Tokyo.
I am a product designer, but also practicing in other spheres of design, because I think a multidisciplinary method is the key for a good result.
I love creative things by hand and developing new skills. Every new project is a chance to improve my knowledges.
My hobbies are architecture photography, linocut, screen printing and embroidery.

My Creations

  1. Campanula

    10 May 2017

    Botanical illustration for an event invitation, commissioned by Haguruma.The illustration is printed with blind letterpress on a heavy cotton paper.http://olgaguera.co...

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  2. Tokyo shop street

    16 June 2017
    Tokyo shop street

    Each neighbourhood has its shop & food street, where you can spend your free time enjoying local entertainments. Full project here:https://www.behance.net/gallery/4630...

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