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Nathalie Rizk

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I am a photographer and blogger living in Tokyo.

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  1. I am especially fond of festivals and traditional events in Japan
    I was looking forward to attending the Yabusame Matsuri in Kamakura and I wasn't disappointed at all. I enjoyed taking photos on that day especially because it was very challenging with the horses' speed and the narrow view I... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Kyoto - Snow and Temples

    15 August 2017

    While visiting the Kiyomizudera temple this winter, snow slowly started to fall.

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  3. Hanami Wonders

    15 August 2017

    A stroll in Yoyogi and Ueno parks during the cherry blossom season.

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  4. Sanja Matsuri

    15 August 2017

    Lovely thing about a big festival like the Sanja Matsuri: a lot of participants enjoy posing for you.

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