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MW van der Walt

I'm a web / mobile designer in Cape Town, South Africa

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Hi, my name is MW. Yes, that is my full name. It's even a bit of an unusual name, even in South Africa. I'm a Multi-Disciplinary Creative. What I mean by that is that primarily I do Digital Designs, I also do Illustrations, 3D art, and a little bit of Motion Graphics. So a one-man army for a small studio :)

I currently reside in South Africa, but I'm on a mission to work abroad and to travel to a new country every other year with my aim on Japan first. Currently, I'm in a freelance status, but I prefer to work at a studio for a couple of months at a time.

I'm always on the path to learn. Sitting still and not exploring creative fields bores me. I've dabbled in basic front-end coding, After Effects, Cinema4D, Fusion360, and even customising my own motorcycle, 3D art.

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