Mayu Shirai - Artist in Tokyo

Mayu Shirai

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

I am professional dancer and choreographer in Japan, mainly Osaka, but possible to travel other area in Japan. Experienced dancer as street dancer modern dancer and contemporary dancer. Experienced choreographer as street dance and contemporary.
My dance style is street dance ( house), modern( Graham and Limon), and contemporary.
I am also dance instructor and dance provocator, I am interested in community based dance WS, make community through dance.
I experienced Dance WS in india, Philippine, Taiwan and japan to develop community.
I have certified Gyrokinesis🄬Trainer( Gyrokinesis is body conditioning like moving yoga), so I am possible to adjust people's body alignment.
I regularly teaching Gyrokinesis and street dance in Osaka.( if you interested in, let me know, I am also available to teach private too, english also okay!)

I lived in NYC before, so I can speak English too, I experienced translation and interpreter as freelance job.
So if you need translator Japan -English, just give me DM

My Creations

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