Mariya Suzuki - Illustrator in Tokyo

Mariya Suzuki

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I draw what I see. I am fascinated by the mundane moments that flit away before we know. Quickly, I try to capture them - the air, the movement, the feelings all integrated with the scene. It's easy to let the everyday moments go unnoticed, but I think there is so much beauty in it.

Born in Nara. Studied illustration in Long Beach, CA. Currently working as a freelance illustrator in Tokyo. I have contributed my work for many musicians, food professionals and publishers from around the world.

My Creations

  1. Vending Machines

    4 January 2016

    I drew this for a show I had at Inspired By Starbucks in Ikejiri. Cigarette vending machines near the station.