Marco Tjokrosantoso - Photographer in Tokyo

Marco Tjokrosantoso

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

I'm Marco and I'm an Indonesian. I've been living in Tokyo since 2014. During my stay, I have learn many things about Japan's fascinating culture. I Love photography as a visual art and thus I try to translate my view of Japan in my photos.

Awards / Achievement:
-Solo Exhibition at Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop, Harajuku 2016 Click Here
-Dentsu Mirai Souzou Grandprix, 2016
-National Geographic Asia, Explore to Inspire Photo Contest, 2013

Past clients include (in no particular order):
-Culture Japan (Japan)
-Manabook (Japan)
-Jellyware (Japan)
-Isetan Dept. Store (Japan)
-Starmarie Idol Group (Japan)

My Creations

  1. My creation

    29 October 2016

    I love taking portraits photos and this is one of them.
    In particular for this photo, I try to portray Japan in a fun but traditional sense.