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Kenya Goto

I'm a non-creative in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi my name is Kenya. A Tokyo-born, New York-bred, multilingual, global minded content creator wannabe.
I am actively looking to make a career shift from finance to marketing (digital / advertising). During my days in finance I felt like I was slowly killing myself everyday however FORTUNATELY I (and my whole team) got restructured due to company strategy. Thereafter I have traveled around Asia with my camera to focus on what I truly love: FOOD, INSTAGRAM and PEOPLE. I have posted about bars and restaurants and their excellent food and services upon communicating with the owners, chefs and bartenders on my instagram because I wanted to help them grow their businessss through the power of social media (was featured on the food trending column of Singapore’s best selling newspaper The Straits Times in July 2017). While doing that I also met a lot of people including founders of startups and noticed that they all had some common issues: They all knew exactly what they were doing in terms of their businesses except that they didn’t know how to sell / market their products and services effectively to the right targets (consumers). That made me think about the importance of marketing especially in the digital space.
In my free time I enjoy taking videos with my camera and my drones and editing them and am currently preparing to launch my official YouTube channel (It’ll most likely be about pursuing the dream - the success and failures of my career transition through short daily vlogging)

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