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Justin Hinton

I'm a print designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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I'm a packaging and branding designer from Sydney Australia, popped over to see the mother-in-law a few years back and now seem to be based in Tokyo.

My Creations

  1. Kool Looped

    4 July 2021
    Kool Looped

    One of the last jobs I worked on before leaving Sydney a couple of years ago. Funny to see my little penguin launched and all over the convenience stores soon after ar...

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  2. Pierre Herme Choc Brise / Packaging

    A long time coffee can collector, I had dreams of getting my design on a can and into a vending machine here in Japan. I came so close with a coffee jelly can design f...

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  3. Daddy's Drawings

    24 August 2021
    Daddy's Drawings

    Finally getting around to learning some After effects, I have started a series of animations based around my son and his loves: candy, cakes & fruits (though he has re...

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  4. Happy Halloween

    31 October 2021

    A few little halloween animations I put together, started as some scribbles in my pad on the train a few weeks ago, as always with your own projects they get put to the back of the line - made a little time at the last minute...

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  5. Happy Halloween #2

    31 October 2021

    Here is another...


  6. Happy Halloween #3

    31 October 2021

    What the hell... here's one more!


    More at Daddy's Drawings https://www.instagram.com/daddys_drawings/

  7. Happy New Year folks

    4 January 2022

    All the best for 2022!

    This was a little job I gave myself to fill some time these holidays, between assembling star wars lego and playing with lightsabers that Santa dropped off.

    See more of my Daddy's drawings at:


  8. The Beatless

    29 January 2022

    The Beatless. Walking into 2022 like...
    I have had this idea scribbled in a notebook for a few years, glad to finally make something of it.

    IG: www.instagram.com/downandoutw...
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6yYmdhNEMj1WTcP9KUYHaQ


    11 November 2022

    Have got a few shorts building up on my youtube channel:
    This is a work in process, bringing to life a character I have been doodling in a notepad for sometime, NOMONEY. More to come...
    Also on instagram:


    17 February 2023

    A side project I have been working on for some time in dribs and drabs, hope to finish it..... one day.    https://www.instagram.com/downandoutwithapencil/

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  11. Daruma stop motion short

    9 October 2023

    Trying my hand at some stop motion animation, keeping it simple using Daruma dolls, no legs which makes them easier to move around.