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Justin Carter

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I'm simply a person who likes to photograph things that interest me; and, as of recently, I've been thinking of becoming a writer too...

My Creations

  1. This is my first serious short film I directed. It follows a girl who is in search of an answer to a dream...

  2. Legs.

    30 January 2019

    This night was a big night for me...
    My friend and mentor Jesse helped me screen my first film.
    Many people showed up, and the response was moving.
    After, we all went out to eat and then this happened...

  3. Bamboo Season

    30 January 2019

    Somewhere in Setagaya, near a temple...

  4. Music

    30 January 2019

    Besides the photos...

  5. In search of...

    31 January 2019
    In search of...

    I often step out into the world, in search of something spectacular...

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  6. I normally don't do Studio

    31 January 2019
    I normally don't do Studio

    Here are some shots from the previous years...From Top to Bottom; Julia Abe, Aya and Bambi, and Hikari Mori

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  7. Cheap Shots

    31 January 2019
    Cheap Shots

    I bought a used 2000¥ film camera and the quality is pretty uhh, pretty uhh, good.lol

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  8. Ricoh GR 1 " thoughts "

    1 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 1 " thoughts "

    The world stands here before me, perfect, generous, and unkind. And I before it, flawed, troubled, and uncertain. 

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  9. 今日

    1 February 2019
  10. Though the weather forecast promised rain, it never did. Not on us. We were too busy living and being human. From noon till night all was beautiful. But here, my words...

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  11. Ricoh Gr "thoughts" 2

    2 February 2019
    Ricoh Gr "thoughts" 2
  12. Ricoh GR 3

    3 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 3
  13. Ricoh GR 4

    4 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 4

    It felt like spring today...

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  14. Ricoh 5

    6 February 2019
    Ricoh 5
  15. Ricoh 6 "thoughts"

    8 February 2019
    Ricoh 6 "thoughts"

    Sometimes I stop and think to myself, how much longer?

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  16. Archives... 1(Digital)

    8 February 2019
    Archives... 1(Digital)

    I haven't seriously shot people for a while...I guess it's time for me to get back into it... (2 + years ago)

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  17. Ricoh GR 7

    11 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 7

    The snow fell in an off beat rhythm...

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  18. Ricoh GR 8

    12 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 8
  19. Ricoh GR 9

    12 February 2019
    Ricoh GR 9
  20. Ghosts

    20 February 2019
  21. Joga Shima Shoot "GR10"

    21 February 2019
    Joga Shima Shoot "GR10"

    Asaka*** (The color photo is not GR) :)

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  22. Asaka

    23 February 2019
  23. Perspectives

    11 February
  24. Sketches

    12 February
  25. Solace in the Darkroom
  26. Out by the Sea

    13 February
    Out by the Sea
  27. Somewhere in a dream...
  28. Coffee

    13 February

    An old lady waits for her coffee. Yoga, Japan. Feb 2021.

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  29. Clouds of Kamakura

    18 February
    Clouds of Kamakura
  30. People I know

    21 February
    People I know
  31. A Fleeting Moment