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Jordy Meow

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and French

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About me

I was born in a small seaside town in the south of France which you have never heard of so let’s just say Bordeaux, it’s close enough. I studied some topics completely unrelated to photography in Paris and China but I forgot to take any photos of those places so it doesn't matter much. Eventually, I moved to Japan where I became deeply involved in the urban exploration (also known as haikyo) subculture. It was during this time that my hobby of photography really matured and my work took on a level of quality such that people other than my mother might want to look at it :) My adventures can be read on my Offbeat Guide to Japan. I also have published a book called Abandoned Japan, please check it out :)

My Creations

  1. Abandoned Japan

    3 March 2016

    Haikyo is more than just a word, or a mere translation of "abandoned". It is an image made of a melody from the past subtitled with a story.