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Jamila Brown

I'm a marketing/pr professional in Tokyo, Japan

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Originally from South Carolina, I'm a storyteller looking to leave an impact through her words and visual artistry. After completing the JET Program in 2019 I moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in marketing and pr. Currently, I'm working as a community manager with Ryozan Park focusing on digital marketing strategy and community organizing. I consider my bread and butter to be content creation and SEO however I'm always excited and open to building new skills to improve outreach and engagement better.

My Creations

  1. Short Film: Roppongi Heights

    18 December 2022

    A short film I made with some friends. Although it started out as just a test to see if I really could make a film it's grown into something much larger than myself from winning awards and being premiered at multiplied venues.

    Description: A night out in Roppongi takes a... continue reading (0, 0 images)