Haruka Tanabe - Artist in Tokyo

Haruka Tanabe

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and Portuguese

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About me

stainperfect: A zine maker / love letter writer based in Tokyo and Osaka. A risograph enthusiast and translator.

My Creations

  1. 日時:9月22日(土)16:00〜(終了時間未定)
    場所:Irregular Rhythm Asylum(新宿二丁目)


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  2. A zine about a série of poems by Yosano Akiko, a poet and pioneer feminist from Sakai, Osaka.
    Printed with Risograph. 20 pages. 130x130mm

  3. It’s Okay

    4 October 2018

    A zine about a conversation over the phone about dealing with breakups.
    Printed with Risograph. 8 pages.

  4. Three very feminist poems by Akiko Yosano and illustrations inspired by one of the poems.

  5. ぼくは樹 I Am a Tree

    15 October 2018

    I Am a Tree
    Text by Yasuko Kobayashi, illuatration by stainperfect
    100x100mm, 40 pages, max. 10 colors

    A story of a life / journey of a tree. Mainly in Japanese, comes with an English translation mini zine and two postcards.
    Thermographic printing on the cover.

  6. dance with me

    15 October 2018

    dance with me
    75x105mm, 20 pages, max 4 colors

    No text. Just illustrations of hands dancing.

  7. Up Above

    15 October 2018

    Up Above
    105x148mm, 8 pages, 2c/2c

    At the age of five, I used to think this is how the crescent moon was made up in the sky.

  8. It’s Okay

    15 October 2018

    It’s Okay
    90x138mm, 8 pages, 2c/2c

    How do you deal when you are heart broken? This is a zine I made right after a dude I liked at the time sort of ghosted.

  9. midnight drumbeat

    28 March 2019

    "Midnight Drumbeat"
    40 pages, 135mm x 84mm, 2c/2c, Printed with Risograph
    A personal zine (perzine) about how I started zine making. From an encounter with an artist, infatuation and to embarking on a creative journey.
    This zine is made with 3 different kind of paper - the cover being the... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  10. Mamãe // poster

    28 March 2019

    190x190mm, 4c/0 (navy line embossed), printed with Risograph
    *Paper types available in 3 colors, please choose one from these: white, cream, beige with texture of pulp
    My first poster-is print.If you look at this print in person, the main line drawing in navy is embossed, raised slightly from the... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  11. F**k You Very Much

    28 March 2019

    Sticker - Fuck You Very Much
    10cm x 10cm, round waterproof sticker

    More photos on Instagram @stainperfect

  12. Printed with Risograph. A shop card and tags.