Gregory wannwitz - Motion Graphics Designer in Tokyo

Gregory wannwitz

I'm a motion graphics designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak French, Japanese, and English

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About me

I am a generalist motion designer and graphist.
I use mostly cinema4d and after effects, with a bunch of useful plugins, and some other softwares like Photoshop when needed.

I love 80's anime, sf or cyberpunk movies and books, 16 bits video games...

My Creations

  1. Showreel motion design 2015

    25 October 2016

    A demo featuring some of my works, mainly for television, some others I made for my pleasure.

  2. WaveOverdrive

    26 October 2016

    Neo-retro motion design I did for fun and to try to use toon shading.

  3. Outron

    28 October 2016

    A short retro motion design I did for fun, 80/90's inspired.

  4. Showreel 2018

    6 March

    Showreel broadcast / motion design