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Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. My name is Femi Adeyemi and I am Ruby on rails/Java web developer. I became a software developer during my sophomore year at college when I was asked to make a website for a friend. Originally, I turned down the idea because I did not think I could do anything of the sort. After all, my major in college was Political Science. Nonetheless, I gave it a go and was surprised how much fun I was having creating a website from the ground up. Learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. From this experience, I decided to take a minor in computer science which introduced me to my programming language of choice: Java and all of its wonderful uses.

As Java developer mainly, with experience in Japan, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on sushi applications, HR management tools, and sorting Big Data using such Java frameworks as Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Maven. However, as fun as Java has been I started looking for other languages that were growing and taught my self Ruby on Rails. I chose ruby on rails because I was so surprised at how easy the syntax was. In addition, to how easy it was to put a website into full production. Coming from Java background, made ruby on rails easy to learn and fun to play with in my spare time. At the moment my ruby on rails applications are on github. Many of my applications are side projects that I do to get more exposure to different gems and knowledge about unit testing.

Sorry for the mouth full, I am just passionate about ruby on rails and Java because learning on your own forces you to learn from your mistakes and try again. I like to describe myself as person who is self-motivated, enjoys working with others, and taking chances. If you like to talk with me more, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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