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Eri Motohashi

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I'm a Japanese painter living in Tokyo. My work is an examination of beauty that exists below the surface: behind and beyond the visible. I seek out this intangible beauty, and through my paintings I bring it to life with color and with passion. I consider my work successful when it conveys the beauty I find in my subjects without words. In a moment, the emotion in my portraits is transferred to the viewer. and lingers in the viewer's mind after the moment has passed.

I also believe in the power of my connection to my artwork. I paint with my fingers as a means of getting closer to the art I create. In this way, my soul goes straight into the canvas.

From my own experience as a viewer and participant, I understand the power of art to inspire creativity and stir emotions. By contributing to the living world of art, I hope to continue this conversation: to inspire and be inspired; to move people and to be moved myself.

My Creations

  1. Untitled

    7 May 2017

    2017; Acrylic and Crayons on canvas
    21 x 18 inches (530mm x 455mm)

  2. LADY A

    4 June 2017

    2013; Acrylic and crayons on canvas