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Hi! My name is Deby Sucha ( December 1987 ), I am a photographer, visual storyteller and creative director from Jakarta, Indonesia currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

With a self-taught photography skill I was shortlisted to some international contests and awarded for an international amateur photography contest that brought me to Japan for the first time as a grant ( 2007 ). As I continued her university life, I was actively involved in a voluntary programs with non-profit and non-governments organizations. 

I began my photography career being a photographer's assistant ( 2009 ) and worked in a lifestyle media industry as a photographer. My enthusiasm for travel to go to somewhere new has moved me to Japan ( 2013 ) to attend a documentary photography program at Tokyo Visual Arts college.  

After graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts college, I continue working as an independent photographer for commercial, editorial, creative directions, and my personal documentary projects. 

Photography for me is a media to express something that I keen to share. But the most important part is to build a relationship with the people and the surroundings

My Creations

  1. Bouquet Inc

    16 March

    An aesthetic image for Bouqet Inc creative collective company.

  2. One More Sleep

    16 March

    A personal photography project, portrait of my sister, two and one day before her wedding ceremony as a transitions to giving up her life as a single person, leaving her own room and joining families.
    More details :

  3. Antonio Clairine

    16 March

    Fashion photography collaboration with the model and the Make Up Artist. Photographed and directed by Deby Sucha

  4. A collaboration work with Make Up Artist and Model for portfolio development.
    Videographer and Art Director : Deby Sucha

  5. Fake Romance

    16 March

    Personal photography project about a rental boyfriend service in Tokyo.
    In Japan, some women are turning away from relationships and renting boyfriends instead. "We are not a prostitute, but we sell fantasies with boundaries” - Jin, a rental boyfriend.
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