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I'm Cris, a passionate and creative illustrator and surface designer based in Barcelona. My background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and a Master's Degree in Video Game Design and Development, which has given me a unique perspective and skillset in my illustrations.
I specialize in creating modern and playful images, and I'm inspired by children's books that explore the world of childhood, adventure, and discovery. I also love learning about different cultures, science, and biology, and incorporating these themes into my work.
I have worked for kids magazines, character development for publishing, pattern designs for fabric and video game development.

My Creations

  1. The magic apple tree

    17 December 2019

    Little plant friends from the forest got their plant on top of their head from the magic apple tree.

    Once they ate a red juicy apple from it the plant started to grow up there.

  2. Peak

    17 December 2019

    Cute peak having a peaceful time.

  3. Multiple Machine

    2 December 2019

    I drew this weird mixed machine for my new business cards mixing various things I like.

  4. Ramen Pals

    18 December 2019

    All the party we miss of the ramen pals.

  5. Sheep time

    17 December 2019

    Have you ever counted sheeps before sleep?

  6. Alpaca ride

    12 August 2019

    "On their way through the desert, Tā saw it at last!"
    On this illustration I wanted to stick to simple flat shapes but adding rough textures inside them.

    Also I used analog colors vs a dark blue background.

  7. Maki misprinting

    2 December 2019

    This is a veggie maki I discovered when I arrived to Tokyo when checking the bentos of my neighborhood's supermarket. I really liked it and after some times eating it I realized how much I like it. Also I wanted to draw some examples for my Procreate brushes emulating a... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  8. Autumn Veggies

    18 December 2019

    This is a set of 3 limited edition prints (printed in risograph) about the veggies we can eat during Autumn.
    All of them ar printed in two inks:
    - shroomies: burgundy and lime green.
    - pumpkins: burgundy and sunflower.
    - sweet potatos: burgundy and yellow.

  9. Happy bag

    12 August 2019

    This is my version of the smiley eco bag!

  10. Kakigori

    12 August 2019

    This cute little boy is ready to make your Summer more chilly!

    This year to celebrate Summer I did this print using for the first time fluo red ink!
    Risograph print in 2 inks: sky blue and fluo red.

    I will be attending Tokyo Design Festa Summer Edition 2019 so... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  11. Gifts

    12 August 2019

    This is an illustration I started to celebrate Sant Jordi (a local festivity).
    After trying so many color combinations I decided that red and blue would look great and vibrant.
    So for this I chose red and light blue inks.

  12. Little daruma

    12 August 2019

    Little daruma will help you achieve your dreams!
    First make a wish and paint the left eye.
    Then when you reach your goal paint the other one to thank him his help.

    Risograph print in 2 inks: bright red and black.

  13. Meet in Koinobori

    12 August 2019

    "He tried to fly so high in the sky to meet his friends as every year for Koinobori."

    I wanted to stick to a limited palette playing with warm tones and blue accentuating the difference between the main character and its surroundings.

  14. Neon stages

    12 August 2019

    Character development of a neon-noir kind of retro sci-fi vibe.

  15. We arrived

    12 August 2019

    The brave Forest Queen and his lil pet helper just came to meet the Night Emperor.
    Illustration printed in risography in yellow, bright red, mid blue and metal gold inks.

  16. No fear tonight

    12 August 2019

    Tiny illustration of a kid running surrounded by light flying bugs that lighten up his path at night. He's fearless and ready for adventure.

    It is printed in risography in 3 inks: yellow, fluor pink and mid blue
    I also did a side version in: metallic gold, fluo orange and... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  17. Topless car

    12 August 2019

    During my trip to Australia I found this very popular topless car in Magnetic Island that every tourist used to move around the island.
    I found it very cute and bold so I had to draw it and also could practice drawing cars (which I never do).

  18. Christmas season

    12 August 2019

    This is a card I did for this special season.
    It has a lot of details that represent Christmas for me:
    the soup is a tradition in Christmas Eve in my family, there are some of my actual Christmas tree ornaments, the beautiful poinsettia plant...

  19. Wall of memories

    12 August 2019

    Like I've seen many times in books this is a wall with lots of memories hung on it.

  20. Hello Australia

    12 August 2019

    This is me tired after a whole day in a plane arriving to Australia waiting for the bus to take me to the hotel.

  21. You are berry...

    17 December 2019

    Greeting card for your beloved ones!
    You are berry ...

  22. #folktaleweek 2018

    12 August 2019

    There are 2 of the illustrations I did for the #folktaleweek 2018.

  23. Magic era

    10 August 2019

    This is a trio of characters I did for a trading card game.
    The Land Explorer, The Guardian of the keys and The Sorcerer.
    I designed each card to have a unique looking but cohesive in the world of the game.

  24. Froggo explorer

    10 August 2019

    Also one of the #itemsofacharacter
    This is about all those kids that enjoyed getting lost in the nature to explore and learn from it.

  25. Grandpas

    10 August 2019

    This is a portrait of my grandparents which I had in mind for so much time.
    I did this by memory remembering when I was little and all family used to spend free time at a bar that was from their family.

  26. 90s freak kiddo

    10 August 2019

    In 2018 I created a hashtag on Instagram called #itemsofacharacter to practice character's identity through its objects. It is intended to do it for a week but you can do it when you want as many days you want, the important thing is to practice and understand how important are... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  27. Rockets

    10 August 2019

    Kids, do not forget to eat your rocket cereals for a breakfast from outer space!
    This is an illustration of a breakfast cereals box.
    I experimented with two inks on a colored paper to see the different shades.
    Red and mid blue inks riso printed on pastel pink paper.

  28. Merienda juntos

    10 August 2019

    This is a drawing of a snack my boyfriend and I tried from a new chinese shop.
    I experimented with pencil textures and dynamism.

  29. Summer Essentials

    10 August 2019

    This is a set of prints of Summer essentials I did to experiment with risograph printing and the blending of inks.

    2 inks riso printed: yellow and fluo pink.

  30. Tokyo in a week

    10 August 2019

    So many things to fit in!
    Tokyo was very crowded but well organised. So many different neighborhoods, temples, shops, gachapon… and food!

  31. Kyoto in a week

    10 August 2019

    I went to Kyoto for a week and I still dream of going back.
    The streets, the people, the sounds, the smells, everything was peaceful and in harmony.

  32. Miyajima in a day

    10 August 2019

    When I travelled to Japan I visited the island of Miyajima and totally fell in love with it.
    It was cute, small, had interesting local shops and restaurants. And people were so nice.

  33. Noodle foodtruck

    26 February 2020

    Nood'l is a foodtruck of noodles ready to serve you the dinner.