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Christina Wemming

I'm a print designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I'm Christina, surface pattern- textile and fashion designer from Stockholm, Sweden.
I love fabric and spend a lot of time in Nippori fabric town. I prefer to use my bicycle getting around Tokyo, so I can stop easily and take pictures. Greens and cityscapes are the most inspiring for me, I then use the pictures and turn them into surface patterns in Illustrator. I really don't like drawing or painting by hand...

My Creations

  1. This is one of the scarves that I designed for my knitted cashwool scarf collection "Candy" (super soft Italien merino wool)
    When I started this project I was already sure of the yarn supplier (Italian ZegnaBaruffa) since I had used their Cashwool yarn before, for a previous collection, with a... continue reading (1, 1 image)