Catherine Nakajima - Art Director in Tokyo

Catherine Nakajima

I'm an art director in Tokyo, Japan

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I spent summers visiting relatives in Japan and the differences between American and Japanese lifestyles and conveniences stimulated my interest in everyday design. In order to expand my scope, I studied Danish design in Copenhagen in 2011 and developed my enthusiasm for 'the everyday' in interior design (especially for hotels and apartments), product design, public transportation design, urban planning, and community development. In 2012, I completed my degree in "International Literary & Visual Studies" at Tufts University, which gave me room to explore the U.S., Japan, and Denmark through the frame of design and urban studies and complete an honors thesis on "timelessness" in Japanese and Danish design.

My long-term goal is to promote and contribute to a responsible society in which everyday urban living is more convenient, efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable in the face of our increasingly global, climate-changing, and technological world. My studies and work experience in design, service, event production, and other creative fields will help me achieve this goal.

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