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Botchy Botchy

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak Spanish, French, Japanese, and English

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Passionate about music and illustration, vinyl DJ and sax player in my free time.

My Creations

  1. Illustration Exhibition from 1st of June till 29th in snack-gallery Ban Kuruwase , close to Yotsuya sanchome station in central Tokyo. Everyone welcome, free entrance but please order one drink since this is a snack.

  2. It’s been 40y since the film came out, and we precisely are Saturday evening.

  3. Mug shot

    13 May

    I am looking for a shirt like that.

  4. Paying respect to Showa era women.

  5. Playful fly

    16 May

    Playing around with pencils

  6. Eco-car

    18 May

    Hippo energy is the future.

  7. Tiger Disco

    19 May

    Tiger Disco, Korean DJ with a nice 70s touch.

  8. A casual afternoon in the poppies garden playing trump.

  9. Bookworms will soon be an extinguished species I am afraid.....

  10. Surprise, surprise, the unexpected can be exciting.... or not 😅

  11. Chasing the dragon, a neverending quest into visions and nightmares.

  12. Twisted Sister

    21 June

    Dedicated to all the Glam Metal fans.

  13. If you have worked in Japanese company, being a foreigner can have its advantages but can also be challenging. How will Japan cope with its decreasing population and will it favor immigration is a hot topic (and not only this harsh summer) :).

  14. Who are you Iroshika?

    17 September 15:00

    Iroshika is a character I created last week, I hope to be able to develop a graphic novel revolving around her in a near future...