Bert Brautigam - UX Professional in Tokyo

Bert Brautigam

I'm an ux professional in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English, Spanish, and German

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I am a passionate Product Experience Designer with more than 14 years of experience in creating digital products and services.

I design complex product experiences and lead design teams across different industries and platforms. In my work I evangelize design and Design Thinking as strategic components for innovation while keeping business outcome in mind.

My work stretches from gaining deep understanding of context, capturing the essence of a product in concepts, to articulating its value in its final touchpoints with humans.

I believe that products have the ability create the ultimate delight by connecting humans to their most fundamental needs, to their soul in essence.

My Creations

  1. This is an article I published on The Next Web on how Design Thinking needs to evolve to face the challenges of integrating with business: