Andre Mari Coppola - Motion Graphics Designer in Tokyo

Andre Mari Coppola

I'm a motion graphics designer in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi, I'm Andre Mari Coppola.
I'm an Argentinian Motion Graphic Designer/Art Director based in Japan, Tokyo.

From music writing, through Illustration, to video game design, I've dedicated my whole life into the exploration of arts and means of expression.

I have a passion for creativity and no matter where I am or what the circumstances are, I will always continue creating.

My Creations

  1. Motion Graphics Reel 2017

    19 January 2018
    Motion Graphics Reel 2017

    Some of the work I did for a wide range of clients throughout 2016 and 2017.Extra creditsAlthough the majority of the clips (all included) have been made by myself, I'...

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  2. Scars - Music Video

    6 May 2018
    Scars - Music Video

    There's an old tale which goes like this: A turtle was swimming along a river when a scorpion showed up on the shore. The scorpion asked the turtle "Turtle! I'm not a ...

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