Anastasia Shatkova - Artist in Tokyo

Anastasia Shatkova

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

Available for contracts

I speak English, Japanese, and Russian

About me

My name is Anastasia . I am Russian, living in Japan, near Tokyo. I am married and have two children . I am a teacher of Russuan language and also a streetphotographer and and artist . My art project is called "nuts_story" and you can see it on Isnagram of Tokyocone. My photography is also on Isnagram , the "ananeko" account and "tokyostrangers" account. Another photo project is shooting only shoes on streets of Tokyo, is called "shootshoestokyo" . Using digital camera . I love street photography so much that any day without streetphotography is incomplete for me. Didn't know I had any talent in photography until so many people started suggesting I should DO somethings about it, because they like my photos so much .

My Creations

  1. Winter light in Tokyo

    30 December 2015

    The sun goes down as early as 16:30 in Tokyo, but you can get a beautiful light and shades game only typical for this time of year.

  2. Red leaves on the wall

    30 December 2015

    Red leaves clinging on the white wall. I loved the curves lines and the colors . It looked like a ready piece of art created naturally .

  3. Winter sun on the hill

    30 December 2015

    Beautiful winter light .

  4. Kimono wedding .

    30 December 2015

    I was invited to my husband's niece's wedding this year and had a chance to take photos of this event . Rather then taking shots of a happy couple, I came very close to show the beautiful details . Black and white blends nicely , I thought .

  5. Taking a train to and from Tokyo almost everyday , I love the magic hour with the beautuful sunlight, which makes the everyday routine of commuting unreal and dreamlike . This one is of Yoyogi station.

  6. Ginza in night lights

    30 December 2015

    Ginza street in Tokyo. Beautiful at night

  7. There is a train station in Tokyo, called Machida and the view of the people going and down the escalators framed so nicely in round windows is fascinating me always .

  8. Shoes are talking

    30 December 2015

    If you pay attention to shoes you can see or hear or imagine an interesting story .
    More shoe story on inasagram with my hashtag #shoe_said and the whole shoe account of "shootshoestokyo"

  9. Fall fell

    30 December 2015

    Kaki (Japanese persimmon) is a perfect fruit . To eat and to take picture of. On the ground with autumn leaves .