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alex einz_einbinder

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I was born in 1979 in Leningrad, Russia ,Currently residing in Japan, Tokyo for the last 14 years. Grown in an artist family and followed my father footsteps into the creative world.
Although my path took me to the music production side , in the past few years I am re-emerging as visual and mixed media artist.

My Creations

  1. faces of city

    23 June 2015

    acrylic on canvas
    80cm x 60cm

  2. "the One that Left"

    31 August 2015

    "the One that Left( freedom, pain)" 2013-2015 Acrylic,airbrush,mixed media on unstretched canvas 115cm x 85cm

    Black faceless female figure standing alone in the water is reflecting on both my own feelings of loss,fading memory and mutually on assumed feeling of freedom and future
    The artwork is done over the period... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  3. when we were younger

    1 October 2015

    "when we were younger"
    commissioned work

  4. broken works 002

    1 October 2015

    mixed media modern abstract works utilizing broken frames entombed in transparent plastic

  5. dystopic dream

    1 October 2015
  6. solace / broken works 001

    1 October 2015

    originally created for Solace ep cover
    lately repurposed as part of broken works 001

  7. She #001

    4 October 2015

    First of 10 works series exploring the body and movement of a specific subject / a refreshment on my figure drawing capabilities and exploring new and old techniques
    acrylic / open acrylic /spray / car paint and sponge

  8. EP Cover design for an album // electronic & experimental music

  9. EP Cover design for an album // electronic & experimental music

  10. EP Cover design for an album // electronic & experimental music
    On the 30th of November, the 2nd RKT CD will be out on our Bandcamp! And digital as well + on all major stores! Audio previews soon!

    Here is a small preview of the cover art, hand painted by... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  11. Solace EP on Mono Basics

    5 November 2015

    My previous release on mono basics, new release will be out soon on Reaktivate records.

  12. NSFW_censored001

    18 February 2016

    New works from a series focused on naked / sex imagery in Japan.
    This example is an unfinished piece in progress

  13. RKT33 / Maxime -Alma / new ep cover for reaktivate by Alex Einz

  14. Artist(s): Miclodiet
    Title: Psychic EP
    Label: Genesa Records CAT.N: GENESA007V Country: Serbia
    Format: 12” Vinyl + Digital Releasedate: 22.04.2016.

    A1: Miclodiet - Psychic
    A2: Miclodiet - Ectenic Force
    B1: Miclodiet - Where Evil Dwells II B2: Miclodiet - Psycoactive
    D1: Miclodiet - Obsession (Digital Bonus) D2: Miclodiet - Vril... continue reading (1, 1 image)

  15. Design for the upcoming vinyl release on Genesa records
    Made using ink transfer of industrial photo print / silver stamping / airbrush / acrylic / marker and auto color sprays.
    on canvas

  16. design for genesa record 009 / second part of vinyl

  17. movement 002

    6 October 2016

    movement 002
    new series of paintings

  18. movement 003

    7 October 2016

    new work

  19. prepsketch for new work

    7 November 2016

    alex_einz_art#sketch #next #art #preparation #artwork #abstract #contemporaryart #ink #marker #painting #einbinder #alex #japan #tokyo #nomal #contemporaryart #drawing #face #cubism #futurism
    check my insta for more works

  20. indifference2021

    30 January 2021