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Akihiro Morita

I'm a web / mobile designer in Tokyo, Japan

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More commonly know as Mori, I qualified as a Web designer, but I am interested in wide ranging from Photography and documentary filming to motion graphics and illustration. My interests includes cross cultural communication, and finds challenges in taking international design and marketing trends and matches them to Japanese cultural sense.

With a design degree from one of Tokyo's top international schools, Temple University, I studied a diverse range of creative specialities but with a focus on digital design.

A firm believer in the importance of 'white space' in design, creating order with simplicity especially with complicated design problems. Some of his artworks at first seem to be random or chaotic in composition, but on further study it becomes apparent that they exist within a harmonious context to each other.

He is inspired by street art and culture, graffiti art, and music graphics such as CD Covers and posters for bands.

Specialities: Branding, Social Networking, Graphic Design, Photography, Broadcast Design, Filming,
Web design, Music Videos, Corporate Identity, Animation.

My Creations

  1. Ping Pong

    12 September 2017
  2. an image for a blog post explaining about the tip of design title elements and following subtitle. You can read the blog here, although it is written by Japanese.

  3. My Room is Like

    12 September 2017
  4. the_shade

    23 October 2017

    Study about shading in illustration.

  5. Yoshi

    14 October 2017

    Drawing Yoshi on rainy Saturday is fun fun.https://dribbble.com/shots/3873972-Yoshi

  6. Here is my latest work link. Please check it on your mobile devices.
    I designed, photo directed, and spend couple of weeks to create the "nose hair" motion. It makes you fun !

  7. https://www.asakusa-kokono.com/
    Asakusa Kokono Club is a new theater launched by Lespros entertainment, a talent agency, in this march. I have been in charged of entire visuals, site design to opening movie.

  8. PECO

    25 June 2017

    huck it