Aaron Palileo - Creative Director in Tokyo

Aaron Palileo

I'm a creative director in Manila, Philippines

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I'm a whole-brain leader. I can think critically and logically, but I am also a non-traditional creative thinker. I can mobilize people and ensure they implement daily tasks but I can also inspire them to transcend themselves. I am deeply rooted in traditions, knowledgeable of management fundamentals but I can free myself from these traditions and intuit the future. I am reverent and rebellious.

I have experienced all sorts of management situations. I have launched my own brands but I have also consulted and strategized for other companies. I have been a client and a service provider. I have worked with college students, micro-entrepreneurs, start-ups, publicly listed companies, non-profit organizations and multinationals. I have experienced great success but also seen my fair share of failures. I am experienced but I’m continuously learning.

It is this ability to thrive in balancing paradoxes that make me an effective management leader.

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