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I was tasked with creating the logo, branding, and signage for a new onigiri and miso soup restaurant in Asakusa, Japan. I also had the opportunity to work closely with the architects, contributing to the interior design as well. We wanted the space to feel modern to appeal to young people and foreign tourists, but since it was located in a largely traditional neighborhood and serving traditional Japanese food, we wanted to keep the design Japanese too. We accomplished this by keeping many of the original elements of the building, and picking our materials carefully.

For the logo, I wanted it to be versatile and easily recognizable. Thus, my approach was to design it like I would an icon. I incorporated a Japanese soup bowl shape around the text. This can also be seen as a lantern, which I believe is easily recognizable for Japanese and foreigners.

For the branding and signage, I was asked to make a variety of icons for the shop. I made icons for each of the main categories of food, which are used on the menu, I also created signage on the walls to help customers get around the space and keep shop functions organized.


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