Original Web Series "The Okusawa Cafe" : Episode 6

11 September 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

An episode from my first web drama series. An independent drama:)

千佳:Nana Mizoguchi(溝口奈菜)
中州:Masahumi Ishiyama(石山和史)
和樹:Hajime Hirata(平田一)
マスター:Yuki Tamura(田村祐貴)
Director:Kotaro Asano
Editor:Kohei Ito
Sound:Super Oki
Makeup:Hitomi Haga
Writer:Yuki Notsuka
AD:Yuta Jitozono
AD:Junko Nabeyama
AP:Yuri Asakura
Special thanks to BAR nasa & Nagisa Mizushima

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